Carboys – Poly Propylene (PP)

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ PP Autoclavable Carboys are ideal for the containment of Cell Culture media, bulk pharmaceutical ingredients, and other solutions. These durable natural polypropylene (PP) carboys feature a convenient wide-mouth opening to promote ease of cleaning and dispensing. The wide-shoulder handles enable easy carrying and pouring, even with gloved hands. Suitable for cell culture and bioproduction which temperature around 0 – 135°C.


Life Science – Bioproduction – Carboys
Animal Health – Bioproduction – Carboys
Industry – Standard – Plasticware

Nunc Thermo Fischer Scientific

  1. Leakproof and Shatterproof
  2. Autoclavable
  3. Graduated to contain in 5L increments for ease of us
  4. Constructed of polypropylene with white polypropylene closure and thermoplastic elastomer gasket
  5. Convenient shoulder handles allow easy carrying and pouring
  6. Available in 10, 20, and 50 L sizes for a variety of biopharmaceutical applications
  7. Sanitary Fitting designed
  • Prevent Contamination and broken Vessel
  • Can be in house sterilization
  • Round shape for homogeneity during stirring and rectangular shape for efficient space storage
  • Can be used for solid or powder material saving
  • Sanitary fitting for easier to clean than threaded alternatives