LI-COR Bioscience

LI-COR technology enables scientists around the world to improve lives by advancing discovery. From the first low-cost light sensor filtered for the waveband absorbed by plants, to pioneering the development of near-infrared fluorescence detection systems for DNA sequencing, LI-COR strives to provide innovative solutions for researchers.

Today, LI-COR Biosciences is a leading innovator in systems for plant research, gas analysis, drug discovery, protein research, and small animal imaging. Nowadays LI-COR Bioscience develop into three main area of Research and Clinical Translation which are Targeted Therapeutics Development (characterizing a signaling pathway or validating a therapeutic candidate, confident decisions begin with exceptional data), Robust Western Blotting (with Data Integrity™ Bundle we can Minimize error and variation with standardized protocols, robust detection, validated reagents, online training, secure data analysis software, and on-demand support, and Optical Probe Development for developing efficient drug delivery systems, targeted therapeutics, surgical contrast agents, or monitoring the molecular basis of disease, quantitative near-infrared detection will help you find solutions to your complex research questions.