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IDEXX M. bovis Ab Test

A new diagnostic tool for bovine tuberculosis—another step closer to disease control

Despite dedicated eradication efforts, bovine tuberculosis (bTB) still ravages cattle herds and farmers’ livelihoods in many countries. Yet testing methods have changed little in several decades. 

Now you can do more.

Including the new IDEXX M. bovis Ab Test in bTB testing programs, can significantly improve the detection of bTB-infected herds. In bTB-negative areas, the IDEXX M. bovis Ab Test can be used on other existing sample streams as an easy, cost-effective surveillance tool.


Intradermal reaction and standard blood tests alone detect only 70%–80% of bTB-infected cattle.

Adding the new IDEXX M. bovis Ab Test, an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay, to bTB control programs can dramatically increase detection by identifying infections other tests miss.

For example, IDEXX analyzed samples from 45 known-positive cattle herds from Ireland using the IDEXX M. bovis Ab Test and
two standard tests.

The IDEXX M. bovis Ab Test detected 2 positive herds missed by the other tests, including the single intradermal comparative cervical tuberculin (SICCT) test.


Improved sensitivity

In the study of 45 Irish herds, adding the IDEXX M. bovis ELISA increased overall testing sensitivity to 91.1%.


Increase the Diagnostic Success of bTB Control Programs

Make bTB testing easier and more reliable

  • No cross-reactivity in animals infected with Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP).
  • No desensitization in anergic cattle.
  • No 60-day waiting period between tests.
  • Fast, objective results with good traceability

Deliver faster results with less effort, using the proven ELISA format

  • Familiar, reliable ELISA format fits any laboratory, with no special training or equipment needed.
  • 2-hour protocol lets you share results with clients quickly, while increasing laboratory throughput.
  • Standard serum and plasma samples collected for other surveillance purpose are easy to handle, store and run.

Offer a safer, more cost-effective bTB testing alternative

The IDEXX M. bovis Ab Test requires only a single veterinary visit for a simple blood draw, compared to an intradermal reaction test that requires a follow-up visit to read test results.

That means significant cost savings for customers, as well as reduced risk for both animals and handlers:

  • Beef cattle are rounded up and worked only once, reducing the risk of injury for veterinarians, handlers and calves.
  • Dairy cattle are handled only once, minimizing the chance of a decline in milk production.
  • Beef and dairy producers spend less on medical expenses; beef producers spend less on chute rental and chute cleanup costs.
  • Busy veterinarians can concentrate on the profitable and productive initial farm visits, without spending time on less-profitable follow-ups.


IDEXX M. bovis Ab TestIDEXX is your trusted source for comprehensive livestock diagnostic tests

For more than 25 years, laboratories, veterinarians and livestock producers have made confident decisions based on IDEXX diagnostic technologies. Our livestock tests are used worldwide to combat important diseases, including brucellosis, Johne’s Disease and BVDV. When you choose the IDEXX M. bovis Ab Test, you’re choosing a product backed by a stable, trustworthy partner with scientific, veterinary, regulatory and livestock production expertise and with a global infrastructure to meet your needs. IDEXX has manufactured more than one billion livestock and poultry tests since 1985.





Use the IDEXX M. bovis Ab Test with confidence

  • Validated for cattle on 2,300 samples from 9 countries.
  • Standardized, objective results; highly consistent across lots.
  • Manufactured in ISO-certified facilities.


Now you can do more to detect bovine tuberculosis

The IDEXX M. bovis Ab Test detects bTB infections missed by other tests. Adding the IDEXX M. bovis Ab Test to existing control programs can dramatically increase the success of bTB detection.

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