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Sensitive to the Threat

Mycobacterium paratuberculosis (MAP)infection, also known as Johne's disease,costs dairy producers up to $250 peranimal per year1and the industry up to$250 million annually. This chronic enteritisis present in over 68% of U.S. dairy herds,causing decreased milk production, diminishedfertility and a shortened production life.3The IDEXX MAP Ab Test now offers improvedsensitivity to help you detect and control MAP.

More Sensitive Than Competitor A

IDEXX tested milk and serum samples using both the IDEXX MAP Ab Test and a competitor ELISA (Competitor A). The IDEXX test demonstrated superior sensitivity and excellent specificity compared to Competitor A.


Study Details—Milk

Study Details—Milk


Study Details—Serum

Study Details—Serum


Faster, More Convenient Protocol Than Competitor A

  • Fewer reagents to prepare (2 vs. 3)
  • More stable reagents
  • No plate shaker needed
  • Simpler steps, no need to stop the test to read controls
  • Faster results (15–20 minutes shorter than Competitor A)
  • Easy-to-use xChek® software for rapid result interpretation


The IDEXX MAP Ab Test—USDA licensed

  • • Developed by Institut Pourquier
  • • Known worldwide for sensitivity and specificity, now available in the United States
  • • Use with bovine milk samples, as well as bovine serum and plasma
  • • No need to skim milk
  • • Suitable for manual, semiautomated or fully automated work flows
  • • Results in less than two hours
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