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Using a chicken anemia virus (CAV) antibody test to monitor protective antibody titers

The IDEXX CAV Ab Test was originally validated to provide a positive or negative test result. It has become increasingly important for breeder companies to monitor neutralizing antibody titers to prevent vertical transmission of the virus and to protect progeny against chicken infectious anemia during the first few weeks. Antibody titers of log2 VN > 8 have been reported to prevent breeder shedding of the virus; maternal antibody titers of log2 VN >9 are needed to prevent horizontal infection.

Download PDFThe IDEXX CAV Ab Test uses an anti-CAV monoclonal antibody in a blocking format. The assay has excellent correlation to virus neutralization titers. However, because of the blocking format, the dynamic range of the assay is limited. The following data supports the use of the IDEXX CAV Ab Test for monitoring antibody titers. By increasing the sample dilution factor, the linear portion of the assay is shifted to allow for greater discrimination of the relevant neutralizing antibody titers.

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