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IDEXX AI MultiS-Screen Ab Test

One Test. Multiple Reasons.

The IDEXX AI MultiS-Screen Ab Test tests multiple species, with 99.7% specificity and detection by 13 days postinfection.

Forms and transmission

Avian influenza (AI) is caused by viruses of the family Orthomyxoviridae, genus Influenzavirus A. Both low-pathogenic and highly pathogenic AI (HPAI) exist.

AI is transmitted by contact with feces and secretions from infected birds, broken eggs and contaminated feed, water, equipment and clothing. Wild birds may introduce the disease to domestic poultry populations.

HPAI can result in 90–100% mortality of the flock. Some strains of low-pathogenic AI can mutate to the highly pathogenic form.

Regular monitoring is essential to detect and prevent the spread of AI. Monitoring for exposure to AI virus is facilitated by measurement of antibody to avian influenza in serum.

Download PDFSigns: Signs can include inappetence and depression, diarrhea, a drop in egg production, soft-shelled or misshapen eggs, cyanosis and edema of the head, comb and wattle, sneezing, coughing, and bloodstained nasal and oral discharges. In addition, HPAI can cause sudden death with no obvious signs.

Diagnosis: A definitive diagnosis requires that pthe virus be isolated and identified.

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