Thermo Scientific™ QSP Microcentrifge and Microtiter Tubes

Thermo Scientific™ QSP Snap Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes offer sample security while maintaining an easy to open cap. The larger round cap design assists in opening and the smooth surface reduces the possibiltiy of ripped or torn gloves. High clarity and clearly visible graduation marks allow for quick sample check.

Uniform tube concentricity aides in the robustness needed during centrifugation. QSP Microtiter Tubes made from superior grade polypropylene, fully autoclavable, and can be used and sealed for storage and offer addtional volume capacity for sample dilution and/or mixing prior to transfer to microtiter plate.


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Thermo Scientific

  • Available in 0.6, 1.5, and 2.0 ml tubes.
  • The duck bill cap offers more surface for thumb placement during opening and the snug cap will remaln closed during centrifugation.
  • Also available with the choice of locking cap for extra security while centrifuge
  • Graduation marks on the microcentrifuge tube allow for effective sample reference
  • Made from Vorgin Polypropylene 100%
  • Non-sterile tubes are free from Rnase/Dnase, DNA, pyrogen, and endotoxins
Catalog No.DescriptionQuantity
QSP 509-GRD-Q1.5 ml, Microcentrifuge Tube, Natural, Bagged, Non-SterileBagged, 500 tubes/bag
QSP 508-GRD-Q2.0 ml, Microcentrifuge Tube, Natural, Bagged, Non-SterileBagged, 500 tubes/bag
QSP L-510-GRD-QLocking, 1.5 ml, Microcentrifuge Tube, Natural, Bagged, Non SterileBagged, 500 tubes/bag
QSP 8451.2 ml Microtiter Tubes, Natural, Non SterileBagged, 1000 tubes/bag
QSP 845-TP1.2 ml Microtiter Tubes, Natural, Tray PackRakced, 96 tubes/rack, 10 racks/pack