Thermo Scientific™ Multiskan Sky Microplate Spectrophotometer

The Thermo Scientific Multiskan SkyHigh Microplate Spectrophotometer is a UV/Vis microplate spectrophotometer designed to be convenient and easy to use for virtually any photometric research application, especially DNA, RNA, and protein analysis, as well as turbidity measurements. The Multiskan SkyHigh system is offered in a variety of configurations making it flexible to suit a wide variety of needs. Touch screen models offer the flexibility to use the stand-alone instrument or in conjunction with Thermo Scientific SkanIt PC software.

The Multiskan SkyHigh model operated solely via SkanIt software is ideal for users who rely on a PC for all operations. Cuvette reading capability is also offered in some models. With different options to choose from and a wide range of applications the Thermo Scientific Multiskan SkyHigh Microplate reader helps you get the most out of your lab.


Microplate Reader

Thermo Scientific

  • Stand-alone, can be operated directly on the instrument
  • Self-diagnostic feature
  • Free wavelength selection
  • 6- to 48-, 96-, and 6-384-well plates (Maximum plate height with lid is 19.5 mm), Thermo Scientific µDrop Plates
  • Fast and accurate measurements
  • Integrated shaker and incubator
  • Automation compatibility for integration with SkanIt Software
Wavelength selection
Light source:Xenon flash lamp
Wavelength range:200–1000 nm
Read-out range:0-3 Abs
Bandwidth:<2.5 nm
Resolution:0.001 Abs
Linearity @450 nm:0–2.5 Abs, ± 2%
Accuracy @450 nm:± 1% (0–3 Abs) or ± 0.003 Abs

± 2% (2.0–2.5 Abs)

Precision @450 nm:SD <0.003 Abs or CV< 1.0%
Plate type:
6- to 48-, 96-, and 6-384-well plates (Maximum plate height with lid is 19.5 mm), Thermo Scientific µDrop Plates
Cuvette:Dimensions (H x W x D): 40-58 x 12.5 x 12.5 mm

Beam center height: 8.5 mm, Beam window: ≥2 mm

Low-volume µDrop Plate:Measurement area : 16 measurement positions in a 2 x 8 matrix

Sample Volume : 2µL to 10µL

Plate Shaking:Linear
Measurement Speed (from A1 back to A1):6s, 96-well plate

10s, 384-well plate

Spectral Scanning Speed:10 s from 200 to 1000 nm with 1 nm steps
Incubation:from ambient +4 oC t0 45 oC
Application:Nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) quantitation

Protein assays (direct quantitation and colorimetric assays)

Cell proliferation, viability, and cytotoxicity assays

Apoptosis assays

Enzymatic activity assays

Spectral and kinetic assays

Immunoassays (ELISA)

Endotoxin assays

Bacterial growth assays


Catalog no.Description
A51119700DPCMultiskan SkyHigh + Cuvette Port + µDrop Duo Plate
A51119600CMultiskan SkyHigh