Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF)


Life Science – Molecular Biology – SureSelect Cancer All-In-One


  • Membrane Holder Capacity: 0.5–5.0 m²
  • Feed Flow Rate: 2.0–18.0 L/min
  • Feed Flow Measurement: Flow is calculated to an accuracy of +/– 10% MV with a minimum pressure of 1 bar on the feed line
  • Filtrate Flow Measurement: Flow can be calculated to an accuracy of +/– 5% MV (between 0.5–8.0 LPM) using the optional
  • external 0–600 kg floor weight scale. RC Flow can be measured using an optional non-intrusive
  • flowmeter to an accuracy of +/– 5% MV above 2 L/min, +/– 0.12 below 2 L/min.

Optimized and validated for a feed flow capacity up to 40 L/min and a membrane holder that can accommodate from 0.5–10.0 m2 of Pellicon® devices, making it suitable for a wide range of concentration and diafiltration processes.


concentration and diafiltration