Sysmex CyFlow Cube 6

Precisely acquire cells or particles from samples in a powerful single device for further cell analysis. The unique counting principle of “True Volumetric Absolute Counting” (TVAC) eliminates the need for time-consuming and cost-intensive use of reference beads for counting purposes. And the integrated CCD camera means you can monitor the signal directly on the display to instantly check the sample flow.


Flow cytometry, ploidy analysis, genome sizing, pollen viability, cell analysis

Sysmex – Germany

• Choose from three basic configurations with the most commonly used lasers, blue 488 nm and red 640 nm, and with up to six optical parameters
• Automating your research is possible with an optional autoloader

• Cell counting
• Viability testing
• Ability to determine apoptosis
• Fluorescent protein expression
• Immunophenotyping

SPG CY-S-3060R_N1/V2/V3