Syringe Pump

R462 syringe pumps are widely used in biomedical, animal science, pharmaceutical industry, and other scientific and industrial production fields.


Life Science – Animal Research – Surgical


Control the stepper motor for stable and high-precision operation at low speed.
The communication with the touch screen of the host computer can control the output torque and rotation speed of the stepper motor according to the input, and then control the injection thrust and injection speed.
Reserved communication interface (BNC, USB-B, and PC communication, RS485 multi-injection pump communication).
Can input and output,15-pin D-sub Connector.
With encoder, feedback speed, alarming when speed is abnormal, equipment operation suspend.
Safety certification: EMC, ESD, and CE.
Running indicator: convenient for users to intuitively discover the current status of the pump.

Operating modeInjection/withdrawal
Injection accuracy± 0.35%
Repeatability± 0.05%
Syringe volume range0.5μL-60 mL
Flow rateMinimal 0.0001 μL / min
Maximal 102 mL/min

Animal Surgical

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R462Syringe Pump-double