SureSelect Community Design Pan Human Coronavirus Panel

Agilent community designs offer NGS designs targeting many pathogens, including bacteria and viruses.
The designs are for deep sequencing of pathogen genomes, and they enable target enrichment of pathogen sequences from human samples for infectious disease research.

These designs were developed by Agilent’s customers with considerable expertise in pathogen studies and infectious disease research.

They are now available to Agilent customers as catalog made-to-order products.

Research group led by Prof. Judith Breuer from University College London (UCL) has pioneered targeted virus genome sequencing using Agilent SureSelect target enrichment technology.

SureSelect Oligo probes are designed against specific viruses so viral genome can be enriched directly from RNA extracted clinical samples for sequencing.


Life Science – Molecular Biology – SureSelect Community Design Pan Human Coronavirus Panel


  • NGS designs targeting pathogens for infectious disease research
  • Design content developed by field experts with extensive expertise in infectious disease research
  • High-quality probe libraries produced using the Agilent oligonucleotide library synthesis process
• Resolve SARS-CoV-2 from a number of respiratory virus
• Identification of co-infection
• Integrated workflow for DNA and RNA virus
Design Size :235 Kb (Agilent Tier 1)
Target Panel :
Ø229EØEnteric coronavirus 4408
Sequencing Strategy :Up to 96 samples can be pooled on MiSeq v2 500 cycle run depending on the read dept required*
*Sequencing amount is subjected to individual lab practice and need
Catalog no.Description
5191-6838SureSelect CD Pan Human Coronavirus Panel, 160
Note : Capture probe library only. Not included SureSelect Library Preparation Kit (XT HS and XT Low Input). Library prep and target enrichment kits must be purchased separately.