SureGuide CRISPR/Cas9

An Integrated System for In-vitro CRISPR/Cas9 Research
CRISPR/Cas9 is an RNA-guided DNA nuclease associated with Type II bacterial CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) immunity systems. Cas9 (CRISPR associated protein 9) is widely used to induce site-specific double-stranded breaks in DNA for multiple applications. Agilent features an integrated system for in vitro CRISPR/Cas9 research.
CRISPR SureGuide Chemically Synthesized sgRNA are the industry standard for high quality, chemically modified single guides nucleic acids. Using a patented, proprietary chemistry makes the synthesis of long RNA oligonucleotides extremely robust and efficient. This chemistry is used to synthesize and deliver high quality CRISPR guides, and our processing provides guides with fewer contaminants, for quick and easy editing with the highest indel frequency and reproducibility. Agilent has also developed chemical modifications which improve the efficiency, stability and specificity of guide RNAs in a variety of cell types.
The SureGuide CRISPR/Cas9 libraries enable exome-wide knock-down screening that obtains superior fidelity, reduced screening time, and improved functional results. Agilent’s GeCKO CRISPR catalog libraries are available in three formats; ready to package, ready to clone, and ready to amplify. All exonic sequences are targeted in the human and mouse genome and are ideal for genome-wide functional screening, containing fewer missed guides and more uniform representation across the library.  CRISPR libraries allow researchers to obtain perfect sequence input, reduce cost and optimize targeted genome workflows.
Agilent SureGuide Custom Amplified Libraries are delivered as pre-amplified oligo pools that are ready-to-clone into Agilent’s lentiviral vector. The CRISPR custom amplified libraries are also pre-amplified with fixed end sequences, making them compatible with the Agilent pSGLenti vector backbone. In the libraries the entire guide region can be customized, allowing the flexibility to target new regions, design your own genome-wide or targeted screens, and even explore alternative CRISPR applications. CRISPR Pooled gRNA libraries may be created and applications that use a human or mouse U6 promoter will benefit from a library-based cloning technique using our proprietary SureVector technology.
The SureVector CRISPR library cloning kits provide reagents for preparation of a lentiviral plasmid library for in vivo expression of gRNA sequences. The library cloning kit uses Agilent’s SureVector chemistry to allow the rapid generation of plasmid libraries from an amplified oligo pool. Included in the kit are Agilent’s linearized pSGLenti vector backbone, competent cells, media, and all buffers and reagents required to clone Agilent’s pooled ready-to-clone or ready-to-amplify libraries. pSGLenti is directly compatible with Agilent’s ready-to-clone libraries while alternative backbones, supplied separately, can also be used to clone fully custom, ready-to-amplify libraries. Each kit contains sufficient amounts of the above materials to generate four plasmid libraries of 60,000 guides.
The SureGuide gRNA synthesis and control kits are part of an integrated solution for in vitro CRISPR/Cas research. Use the Synthesis kit to generate high quality gRNA, and combine with the SureGuide Cas9, to cleave DNA at the directed sites with high accuracy. These kits reduce your time from planning to experiment, and eliminate the cost of setting up your own CRISPR/Cas system. The SureGuide gRNA Synthesis Kit provides quality-controlled reagents optimized for preparing CRISPR gRNA from a variety of user-selected templates. Part of Agilent’s integrated solution for in-vitro CRISPR/Cas research, this kit generates high-quality gRNA to combine with SureGuide Cas9 for cleaving DNA at the targeted sites with high accuracy.The SureGuide gRNA Control Kit provides both Control gRNA and Control DNA Target for CRISPR research. The Control gRNA provides a reference to support quality assessments of gRNA preparations. The Control DNA Target serves to gauge cleavage efficiency in CRISPR/Cas experiments. Include these controls to gain all the benefits of Agilent’s integrated solution for in vitro CRISPR/Cas research.
  Agilent CRISPR Cas9 endonuclease kit is part of an integrated solution for in vitro CRISPR/Cas research. CRISPR Cas9 endonuclease kit provides in vitro cloning of large genes or DNA fragments without the limitations imposed by common restriction enzymes or PCR fidelity. Allows cleavage of DNA at single and multiple locations based on a custom sequence of interest. Each kit contains a purified, recombinant Cas9 S. pyogenes nuclease; SureGuide gRNA in vitro expression and purification system; control target and sgRNA templates; and all the necessary reagents to get you started with the CRISPR/Cas9 system.


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  • Custom sequences CRISPR SureGuide Chemically Synthesized sgRNA up to 140 nt, longer lengths available upon request
  • Quantities sgRNA from 100 µg to 100 mg (3 – 3000 nmol) to scale your experiment
    Research and Development grade to GMP material of CRISPR SureGuide Chemically Synthesized sgRNA
  • Chemical modifications of CRISPR SureGuide Chemically Synthesized sgRNA at no extra charge (M or MS at 5′ and 3′ ends)
  • Additional modifications and longer lengths CRISPR SureGuide Chemically Synthesized sgRNA available upon request, ensuring the flexibility you need
  • Full CRISPR library service options including cloning of custom libraries, lentivirus packaging, and screening services
  • Flexibility to customize SureGuide Custom Amplified Library at catalog prices
  • Define your own libraries SureGuide Custom Amplified Library for the same price as a pre-configured option.
  • Brings the capability to design for any organism or application.
  • Enables analysts to fully define sets of guides and targets.
  • Reliable, established DNA synthesis ensures the same quality in every SureGuide Custom Amplified Library
  • Plasmid libraries generated optimized to work in mammalian cells with expression driven by a human U6 promoter
  • SureVector cloning technology adapted to insert a custom library into the lentiviral plasmid pSGLenti
  • SureGuide gRNA Synthesis Kit components are formulated for a protocol to synthesize and purify gRNAs in under 2 hours, saving you time.
  • Enzymes and reagents in SureGuide gRNA Synthesis Kit are optimized for use in conjunction with SureGuide
  • Cas9 Nuclease for worry-free performance.
  • SureGuide gRNA Synthesis Kit is suited for gRNA transcription from a variety of DNA template designs to provide flexibility.
  • SureGuide gRNA Synthesis Kit includes Control Template DNA to confirm the success of your reactions.
Catalog no.Description
G7555ASureGuide Custom Amplified Library
G7555A#010SureGuide Custom CRISPR Guide Library (Amplified) – 10k
G7555A#030SureGuide Custom CRISPR Guide Library (Amplified) – 30k
G7555A#060SureGuide Custom CRISPR Guide Library (Amplified) – 60k
G7555BSureGuide Unamplified Custom CRISPR Library
G7555B#005SureGuide Custom CRISPR Guide Library (Un-amplified) – 5k
G7555B#027SureGuide Custom CRISPR Guide Library (Un-amplified) – 27k
G7555B#055SureGuide Custom CRISPR Guide Library (Un-amplified) – 55k
G7555B#100SureGuide Custom CRISPR Guide Library (Un-amplified) – 100k
G7556ASureVector Library Cloning Kit
5190-7719SureGuide gRNA Synthesis Kit, 50 rx
5190-7718SureGuide gRNA Control Kit, 20 rx
5190-7714SureGuide CRISPR/Cas Complete Kit, 40rx
5190-7715SureGuide Cas9 Programmable Nuclease Kit, 20 rx
5190-7717SureGuide Cas9 Programmable Nuclease, 100 rx
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