Stereotaxic Instrument

Stereotaxic is in the use of reference points specified by the three-point coordinate system to determine the location of the neural structure under the cortex, in order to work on directional stimulation, destruction, drug injection, guidance and other studies.


Life Science – Animal Research – Stereotaxic


Unique UP indicator to prevent incorrect operation
Double-lead screw design, more stable and accurate operation
Adaptors of rats, mice, birds, cats and other different animal are optional
71000 is a new automated intelligent (by computer control), high accuracy (1μm)
69100 Rotational Digital Stereotaxic Instruments, mouse head can be easily rotated flexibility so as to adjust the level of the skull
Digital Stereotaxic Instruments, an upgraded version of the standard type with a digital display for higher accuracy (10μm)

SpeciesAdaptors available for rat, mouse, rabbit, guinea pig, etc.
Working distance80 mm with precise alignment to 0.1mm resolution (standard model)
Vertical direction180° rotation and lock at any angles
Horizontal direction360° rotation and lock at any angles
Lock positionVertical lock and fixing knob are separated to ensure accurate function at any angle

Implantation of injectable needles or glass electrodes: drug injections of the intracranial target nucleus (e.g. making Parkinson’s disease, injecting it into the black and striatum6-OHDA)
Implanted metal electrodes: electrical stimulation or neural signal discharge recording of certain neurons during electrophysiological experiments
Implanted fiber: Laser stimulation of a neuron in an animal’s skull in the study of photochemical genetics
Implanted casing micro-dosing system: Long-term, multiple drug injections of animals
Implanted microdialysis probe: a single or long-term collection of metabolites in vitro and in real time

Catalog No.Description
71000Automated Stereotaxic Instrument
68019Stereotaxic for Mouse, Dual M, Digital
68026Stereotaxic for Rat, Dual M, Digital
68513Stereotaxic for Mouse, Digital and Portable, SGL M
68528Stereotaxic for Rat and Mouse, SGL M, Digital and Portable
68511Stereotaxic for Rat, Digital and Portable, SGL M, 18 Deg.