SNAP Sulfamethazine Test

Detects sulfamethazine residues at or below the U.S. FDA-established safe/tolerance level.


Diagnostic kits – Milk – Antibiotics Residue


  • easy-to-read tests detect antibiotic and other residues in either bulk or individual milk samples.
  • fast, reliable residue detection.
  • meet your high performance standards.
  • In the U.S., sulfamethazine is not approved for use in lactating cows. Use this easy SNAP test in your milk quality assurance program.
  • 30 tests

Catalog no.                  Description

99-0009842               SNAP Sulfamethazine Test

98-09421-00              SNAP Portable Heater Block, 220V/12V –

98-13381-00              SNAP shot DSR Reader

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