Smart Vue - Wireless Monitoring Solution

Smart-Vue Wireless Monitoring Solution gives you 24/7 monitoring of critical lab equipment parameters and instant notifications* about any potential threats


Life Science – Lab Equipment – Temperature Monitoring
Industry – Lab Equipment – Temperature Monitoring
Animal Health – Lab Equipment – Temperature Monitoring

Thermo Scientific – USA

Wireless monitoring, alerting remotely in the event of power or mechanical failure
Alert system including real-time and visual alarm on the module
Data logging and upper/lower limits easy to configure
Up to 3000 points memory on board modul (do not lose data)
LCD Display shows last reading, alerts, signal strength and battery level
Fully integrated with Smart-Vue Client/Server software

Ambient monitoring Temperature with internal or external sensor (177cm / 70 in.);
Temperature and RH with external sensor (80cm / 32 in.)
Ultra-low temperature freezers -100°C to +150°C
Auto-cascade ultra-low temperature freezers -155°C to -100°C
LN2 / cryo storage freezers -196°C to -100°C
Refrigerators 0°C to 8°C (single, double and triple door)
Freezers -20 to -30°C, -40°C
Refrigerator / freezers combinations -30°C to 8°C; per chamber (i.e. top / bottom, left / right)
Cold rooms -30°C to 8°C; -40°C or colder
CO2 incubators Ambient to +100°C, +120°C and humidity: 0 to 100% RH non condensing,
temperature/CO2 with single probe
Water baths Ambient to +100°C
Drying ovens / kilns Ambient to +350°C
Differential pressure -500 to +500 Pa
4-20 mA current loop 4 to 20 mA; device with a 4-20 mA self powered output
Open / closed state Dry alarm contact

Monitor Freezer, Refrigerator, Incubator (optional for CO2 level), Oven (-200 C to 350 C)
Clean Room and BSL Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity monitoring
Cold and Cool storage monitoring
GMP/GLP accreditation required laboratory refrigerator, freezers & monitoring system

SV606-500-LSB Smart-Vue client server software version 2.0
SV200-103-LSB Wireless radio module system, external PT100 temperature probe (-100°C to +150°C)
SV201-103-LSB Wireless radio module system, external 3 wire PT100 temperature probe (-200°C to +50°C)
SV206-103-LSB Wireless radio module system, internal temperature probe (+10°C / +50°C)
SV204-103-LSB Wireless radio module system, external temperature probe 3.5 meters in length (-40°C to +80°C)
SV208-103-LSB Wireless radio module system, internal differential pressure sensor (-500 to +500 Pa.)