RFLSI Ⅲ Laser Speckle Imaging System

A robust blood perfusion imaging system, with advanced software, help to real-timely monitoring and recording the blood perfusion. Also, visualize the quantified data directly, shorten the experiment time, obtain outcomes easily.


Life Science – Animal Research – Imaging


Reliable Data Measurement over minutes, hours and days, accuracy up to 0.1 PU, easy to control variables.
Full-Frame HD Image & Video 2048×2048 resolution to see the blood vessel endings and opens the world of microcirculation imaging.
High Frame Rate (up to 120 FPS) to record rapid changes every second and record more details of blood vessel changes after treatment.
Quantified Visualization Data, Multi-output includes vascular perfusion volume, vessel diameter, vessel angle, etc., also offline state analysis available.
Guaranteed to Run Smoothly Data acquisition and blood perfusion image with video generated rapidly without delay.
Easy Operation Autofocus function, easy to use, get perfusion data and video in seconds.

Scope of monitoring0-5000 PU
Image acquisition speedUp to 120 FPS/s
Image size<90mm*90mm
CameraDual CMOS(Color)
Zoom range12× optical zoom with auto-focus
Monitoring Laser785 nm
Laser power110mW
Indicator laser660 nm

Cerebral blood perfusion monitoring
MCAO model assessment
Cortical spreading depression observation
Hind-limb ischemia research
Skin burn/skin flap transplantation
Organ microcirculation observation

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RFLSI ⅢLaser Speckle Imaging System