Reagent Reservoir

Thermo Scientific Reagent Reservoir provide a variety solutions to suit all of your pipetting procedures. Reagent reservoir are perfect to hold all of your liquids.


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Thermo Scientific – USA

  • Perfectly design to maximizes the amount of liquid accessible to pipette tips when using small amount of reagent
  • Pour-off spouts on all four corners reduce spillage when pouring reagents out of reservoir
  • Graduations on inside wall enable quick measurement of remaining liquid
  • Extra-wide base adds rigidity and stability to reservoir, helping to avoid spill
  • Available in 25 ml, 60 ml, and 100 ml
  • 25 ml available in Divided model, to allows to pipetting of two different reagents with up to eight channels on one side
  • Made from polypropylene and polystyrene
  • To hold your reagent during your assay
  • Easier to pipette with multichannel pipette

Cancer research

Catalog No.DescriptionVolumeAutoclavable
FI 9510027REAGENT BASIN, 60 ML 5/PACK60 mLYes
FI 9510037RESERVOIR 8-WELL, 10/BX10 mLNo
FI 95128085Reservoir 100 ml, disposable 100 ea/box100 mLNo
FI 95128093Disposable Reservoir 25 ml standard 100 pcs/box25 mLNo
FI 95128095Reagent Reservoir with Divider, 25 ml, 100 pcs/box25 mLNo