R820 Tricolor Multichannel Fiber Photometry System

A new powerful fiber photometry system with an integrated lightweight body and richer software features can record red&green fluorescence signal, such as GCaMP, RCaMP, dLight, and jrGECO1a, while a unique 410nm LED is used to acquire control signals and exclude noise.


Life Science – Animal Research – Neurology


Integrates data acquisition, analysis & plotting
Multiple Behavioral Events Synchronize & Mark
More Accurate Signal, Avoid Interference
Easy Connection to Other Equipment
9 Channels Support

Wavelength of excitation light410nm 470nm 560nm
Frame rate of fluorescent samplingMax 300fps
Digital signal interface4Input 4Output
Signal outputOutput frequency 0-500Hz, adjustable output pulse width and duration

Ca2 + and neurotransmitter signal detection
Study the function of neural circuits
Explore the mechanisms of neurological diseases
Develop new fluorescent sensor probe
Experiment of optical principle

Catalog No.Description
R801Fiber photometry System-multi-channel&dual-color