R820 Tricolor Multichannel Fiber Photometry System

A new powerful fiber photometry system with an integrated lightweight body and richer software features can record red&green fluorescence signal, such as GCaMP, RCaMP, dLight, and jrGECO1a, while a unique 410nm LED is used to acquire control signals and exclude noise.


Life Science – Animal Research – Neurology


Integrates data acquisition, analysis & plotting
Multiple Behavioral Events Synchronize & Mark
More Accurate Signal, Avoid Interference
Easy Connection to Other Equipment
9 Channels Support

Wavelength of excitation light 410nm 470nm 560nm
Frame rate of fluorescent sampling Max 300fps
Digital signal interface 4Input 4Output
Signal output Output frequency 0-500Hz, adjustable output pulse width and duration

Ca2 + and neurotransmitter signal detection
Study the function of neural circuits
Explore the mechanisms of neurological diseases
Develop new fluorescent sensor probe
Experiment of optical principle

Catalog No. Description
R801 Fiber photometry System-multi-channel&dual-color