R550 - Multi-output Anesthesia Machines

RWD R550 offers the compact and portable anesthesia for small animal like mice, rats, and rabbits.
Advantages of Inhalation Anesthesia:
● Rapid recovery from the anesthesia induction
● Easy to control the anesthesia gas concentration
● Low metabolic rate and less side effects
● Effectively reduce mortality


Life Science – Animal Research – Anesthesia


Stable concentration output. Independent of flow, temperature and pressure change
Safety lock device to prevent accidental release of anesthetics
Gas toggle switch, more than 100,000 times of service life
Quick oxygen flush to remove residual anesthetic mixture in tube and induction chamber
Oxygen or Air can be chosen as gas supply
Pour fill, Easy fill or Key fill for adding drugs is optional
Portable, easy to move and space saving
combine system with air pump, induction chamber and gas evacuation apparatus
All waste gases are scavenged for easy evacuation to protect the personel
Equipped with online weighing on gas evacuation, easy to use operation
Six outputs supply anesthesia to the induction chamber and up to five masks
Oxygen flowmeter range0.05-1L/min, 0.1-4L/min
Concentration rangeIsoflurane: 0-5%, sevoflurane: 0-8%
Accuracy range is low than 10%
Evaporator capacityNot less than 120ml
Air tightnessUnder 4mpa, the air leakage of the whole machine should not exceed 25ml/min
Output toggle switch5
Applicable to all kinds of small animal experiment
Injection experiments :virus,cells,drugs,etc
Live imaging:MRI,CT,X-ray and other imaging
Physiological research: photo-genetics, electro-physiological experiment, calcium imaging, micro-dialysis, etc.
Model Development:MCAO model,spinal cord injury, myocardial ischemia, etc.
Other:animal euthanasia, eye blood collection, tumor size measurement, etc.
Catalog No.Description
R550IE5ch Small Animal Anesthesia Device-Isoflurane,Easy Fill
R550SE5ch Small Animal Anesthesia Device-Sevoflurane,Easy Fill
R550IK5ch Small Animal Anesthesia Device-Isoflurane,Key Fill
R550SK5ch Small Animal Anesthesia Device-Sevoflurane,Key Fill