R480 Nanoliter Injection Pump

The newly launched R480 Nanoliter Injection Pump is highly precise & airtight, stable & easy to operate, which uses glass micropipettes instead of syringes to allow finer injection and less tissue damage. The unique gasket design enables a tight connection between the plunger and the glass micropipettes, ensuring precision and airtightness.


Life Science – Animal Research – Surgical


Stable operation, high accuracy, plunger movement in the micropipettes to accurately control the injection volume and rate;
Glass micropipettes tightly combined with sealing gasket, mineral oil filling to ensure fine airtightness
5.0-inch LCD touch screen directly shows the injection status, touch screen is sensitive, can be operated with gloves
The pump body is light and durable, fashionable and beautiful, with convenient and efficient control interface

Injection unit size (length) 20 cm
injection rate min. 1 nl/s
max 200 nl/s
Rate minimum resolution 1 nl/s
Fill rate 10-200 nl/s
Empty rate 10-200 nl/s or 600-12000 nl/min
Reset rate 200 nl/s or 12000 nl/min
injection volume min 0.6 nl
max 5000.0 nl
Minimum volume resolution 0.1 nl

Animal Surgical
stereotactic injection of animal brain(rats, mice)
nanoliter microinjection of zebrafish, xenopus laevis oocyte, embryo and insect larva with supporting micromanipulator

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R480 Nanoliter Injection Pump