PerkinElmer VICTOR Nivo Multimode Microplate Reader

The VICTOR Nivo system is a high-performance filter-based multimode microplate reader equipped with all major detection technologies:

  • Absorbance
  • Luminescence
  • Fluorescence intensity
  • Time-resolved fluorescence
  • Fluorescence polarization
  • Alpha

It’s a compact, light-weight multimode plate reader designed for life science research laboratories performing routine low-throughput assays, or assay development work, with diverse application requirements.


Microplate Reader


  • Available in four configurations – standard models include absorbance, luminescence, and fluorescence; option to add time-resolved fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, and/or Alpha
  • Top and bottom reading of all standard technologies (with the exception of Alpha) for plate formats upto 1536-wells
  • Compact, lightweight instrument frees-up bench space and is easy to move
  • Internal dynamic filter wheel system with space forup to 32 filters
  • For absorbance, choice of filter-based detection for best sensitivity or spectrometer for wavelength flexibility
  • Time resolved fluorescence certified for use with proprietary LANCE® and HTRF® technologies
  • Enhanced Security software for regulated environments provides technological controls and features that support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Laser based Alpha detection capabilities for fast and sensitive Alpha measurements
  • Browser-based software enables control from a variety of devices – PC, laptop, or tablet
  • Controllable via network or Wi-Fi to facilitate remote working and data access
  • Optional dispenser for applications such as fast kinetics, flash luminescence, or dual addition assays
  • Integrated temperature control and optional gas control unit to keep cells healthy during long term kinetic assays
Width: 20 cm (8 in), Depth: 50 cm (19.5 in), Height (without dispenser): 26.5 cm (10.5 in)
Weight:13 kg (29 lb) without dispenser, 15 kg (33 lb) with dispenser
Plate Formats:1- to 1536-wells
Environmental Control







3 °C above ambient up to 65 °C (0.1 °C increments)

Gas (optional)

CO2: 0% – 20% (<0.1% accuracy)

O2: 1% – 20% (<0.1% accuracy)

Shaking:Linear, orbital and double orbital modes
Dispenser (optional):2 Injectors, 500 μl each syringe, manual rinsing and priming control





Operating environment: 15 °C – 35 °C, < 80 % humidity

Power supply: 110 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 100 W

Connections:LAN, USB

Wi-Fi (modem included); LAN network

Operating System:Windows® (Laptop/PC), Android/iOS (tablet)





Filter or Spectrometer for Absorbance

230 nm – 1000 nm (1.0 nm increments)

Variable bandwidth: 2.0 nm, 5.0 nm, 10 nm

Detector:Flexible measurement height: 0 mm – 16 mm

Wavelength range (Emission): 230 nm – 850 nm

Flash Lamp:230 nm – 1000 nm
Application:Cell viability/proliferation/toxicity

Drug screening

Pathway analysis

Receptor panning


Protein:protein interaction

Gene expression

Food monitoring


Catalog no.Description
HH35000400VICTOR NivoTM Alpha F (Alpha, Abs Filter, Lum, FI)
HH35000410VICTOR NivoTM Alpha S (Alpha, Abs Spectrometer, Lum, FI)