PerkinElmer EnSight Multimode Plate Reader

The EnSight® is a high-performance and configurable Multimode Plate Reader optimal for orthogonal approaches. The instrument offers HTS Alpha, Ultra-sensitive Luminescence and fast well-imaging technologies alongside conventional multimode detection technologies. It has been designed for laboratories with diverse user needs for basic research, assay development or medium-throughput screening such as secondary screening or hit confirmation.


Microplate Reader


  • Fluorescence well-imaging with single cell resolution for up to four colors (with excitation of three colors in parallel), brightfield and digital phase-contrast imaging
  • AlphaLISA® / AlphaScreen® detection with high power laser excitation
  • Fluorescence intensity detection (top- and bottom-reading) with monochromator
  • Time-resolved fluorescence detection, for example DELFIA® and LANCE® technologies
  • Ultra-sensitive luminescence for low signals
  • Filter- and optional monochromator-based absorbance detection
  • Well-imaging, Alpha technology and conventional multimode detection technologies all on asingle system
  • Fast well-imaging with online data analysis in minutes
  • Easily configurable and field upgradable
  • Base unit with filter-based absorbance technology
  • Eight barcode identified filter positions
  • Kaleido™ Data Acquisition and Analysis Software
  • With integrated data analysis, ready-made protocols and various data export options
Plate Formats:6- to 384-wells
Temperature control





Temperature range

3 °C above ambient up to 65 °C (0.1 °C increments)


+/- 1 °C

Shaking:Linear, orbital and double orbital
Monochromator:Bandwidth <8 nm (FWHM)
 Wavelength range (increments): 230-1000 nm (excitation), 0.5 nm increments; 230 – 850 nm (emission), 0.5 nm increments
Dimensions:Height: 56.4 cm (22.2 in.); depth: 63.2 cm (24.9 in.); width: 46.0 cm (18.1 in.); weight: 75* kg (165* lb)

*depending configuration

Electrical requirements




Power consumption: 150-300 VA (instrument); 100 VA (monitor); 280 VA (PC).

Main voltage: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz (instrument); 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz (monitor)

Operating system:Windows® 10 (64 bit)


Available light sources (LED)






LED 385 nm, 470 nm, 525 nm, 635 nm (brightfield 740 nm)

Emission wavelength:400-750 nm
Resolution:7 μm
AlphaScreen (Phosphotyrosine (PT66)) 
384-well plate:< 100 amol
Fluorescence (Fluorescein) *96-well plate 
Sensitivity (top-reading):< 1 fmol/well
Sensitivity (bottom-reading):Monochromator wavelength range: 230-850 nm (0.5 nm step)

Monochromator bandwidth (Exc. and Em.): < 8 nm (FWHM)

Time-resolved fluorescence (Europium) *96-well plate:Sensitivity: <32 amol/well
Absorbance (Filter) *96-well plate:Dynamic range 0-4 OD

Accuracy @ 2 optical density < 2 %

Precision @ 2 optical density < 0.5 %

Wavelength range 230-1000 nm

Absorbance (Monochromator) *96-well plate:Dynamic range 0-4 OD

Accuracy @ 2 optical density < 2 %

Precision @ 2 optical density < 0.5 %

Wavelength range 230-1000 nm (0.5 nm step)

Monochromator bandwidth <8 nm (FWHM)

Luminometry (ATP) *96-well plate:Sensitivity (glow) < 10 pM
Catalog no.Description
HH34011000EnSight Base Instrument Assembly