Operetta CLS High Content Analysis System

Operetta® CLS™ is a high throughput microplate imager for high-content analysis (HCA). It can acquire, analyze and manage fluorescence, brightfield and digital phase contrast images. The combination of high power LED excitation with fast, precise mechanics and one large format sCMOS camera enables fast imaging. Controlled by Harmony™ software it offers a seamless workflow, for reliable discrimination of phenotypes even in complex cellular models.


Life Science – Lab Instrument – Imager

Perkin Elmer

  • Intelligent image acquisition
  • Machine Learning
  • Easily quantify cellular phenotypes in 3D models
  • Powerfully simple analysis capabilities
  • High efficiency excitation design
  • Fast frame rate imaging
  • Automated water immersion objective
  • Confocal spinning disk technology
Excitation Source4 and 8 High power LEDs
Live cell imagingTemperature and CO2 control module
Objective lensStandard, Water Immersion and hNA
Filterupto 10 filter position
ConfocalityOptional with spinning disk confocal
SoftwareHarmony Software for Control and Data Analysis
Typical Applications:Fixed-cell Assays
Live-Cell Assays
3D cell Model
Complex Cell model
Cell painting
Phenotypic Fingerprinting
Protein-Protein Interaction
Catalog NoDeskripsi
Operetta® CLS™ LIVEOperetta® CLS™ LIVE gives all the features of the FLEX configuration, plus gas and temperature control and water-immersion objectives, this system is ideal for gentle yet highly sensitive live-cell imaging.
Operetta® CLS™ FLEXOperetta® CLS™ FLEX provide eight LEDs, and confocal and widefield fluorescence, the FLEX configuration offers flexibility in excitation and imaging modes for many challenging applications – and it can be upgraded to even higher performance.
Operetta® CLS™ QuattroOperetta® CLS™ Quattro is equiped with four LEDs and widefield fluorescence, the basic configuration of the Operetta CLS™ system is ideal for common applications that need sensitivity and resolution, with the capacity to grow if the need arises.