OnePGT Solution (NGS)

Agilent OnePGT solution enables comprehensive insights for every IVF transfer with a single genome-wide NGS workflow integrating preimplantation genetic testing for single gene disorders (PGT-M), translocations (PGT-SR), and aneuploidy testing (PGT-A) including verified automatic data analysis software with built-in QC metrics.


Life Science – Molecular Biology – OnePGT Solution (NGS)


  • Genome-wide NGS approach with pre-test feature
  • Single NGS workflow for PGT-M, PGT-SR and PGT-A
  • Automatic comprehensive data analysis with built-in QC metrics
  • Expert onboarding support during and after implementation
  • Verified on blastomere and trophectoderm biopsies
  • For more information about Agilent’s Human Reproductive portfolio, go to Agilent’s solutions page.
Catalog no.ProductDescription
G9426AAOnePGT SolutionIncludes reagents for genome-wide amplification and library preparation, software and cloud services
G9427AAOnePGT solution without REPLI-gIncludes reagents for library preparation, software and cloud services