NUNC Roller Bottle

NUNC Roller Bottles are cylindrical vessels that revolve slowly (between 5 and 60 revolutions per hour) which bathes the cells with medium. NUNC Roller Bottle provide a very economical means for cultivating large quantities of adherent cell or suspension cell line using essentially the same culture techniques as with traditional cell culture flasks but with considerably less labor. It comes in 2 types:

PETG Roller Bottle, Virtually unbreakable provides added assurance that valuable contents are safe during laboratory and industrial-scale applications including vaccines, cell culture expansion and production of other biologics. PETG can be frozen to –40°C for freeze-thaw release protocols. Lot numbers are located on every bottle for full traceability. Nunc PETG Roller Bottles are sterilized by gamma irradiation and meet sterility assurance level (SAL) 10-6.

PS Roller Bottle, Developed for applications such as the industrial scale production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and biotherapeutics. Nunc PS Roller Bottles are sterilized by gamma irradiation and meet 10-6 SAL. Every lot is cell culture performance–tested and certified nonpyrogenic at a level of <0.1 EU/mL per USP <85>.


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  • It has broad range compatible cell line, from adherence to Suspension cell line
  • Available with Pleated design version, which will increase surface area until 70% compared with smooth version with same dimension
  • One-piece seamless design reduces possibility of leaking through a seam
No catalogMaterialSurface areaStyleDesc
1760-20PETG1700 cm2PleatedPETG ROLLER BOTTLE
182702PS850 cm2SmoothPS ROLLER BOTTLE, Vented Cap
  • Nunc Roller Bottles excel with ST, Vero, and MDBK cells
  • Growth of Vero cells in Nunc PETG Roller Bottles using 5% Fetal Bovine Serum Application Note
  • Technical User’s Guide for Culture of Adherent Cells Using Roller Bottles