Nunc EasyFill Cell Factory system

The Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ EasyFill™ Cell Factory™ portfolio is a robust and easy-to-use cell culture platform for applications in the production of human and animal vaccines, therapeutic proteins, cell therapy, and gene therapy.



Nunc Thermo Fischer Scientific

  • No adhesive or solvent—the Nunc Cell Factory system is constructed of polystyrene chambers and assembled with ultrasonic welded technology.
  • Obtain faster results and lot-to-lot consistency, as these systems have the same growth kinetics as laboratory scale Nunc cell culture dishes and flasks
  • Sterility by gamma irradiation
  • EasyFill systems come in 1-, 2-, 4-, 10-, and 40-tray versions; the cell culture surface area of one 10-layer Cell Factory unit is equivalent to the area of 36 T-175 flasks
  • Certified sterility assurance level of 10–6
LayerCell Culture AreaNominal Dimension (PxLxT)CS/QtyCat No.
1634 cm2335 x 205 x 36 mm1/6140000
21,268 cm2335 x 205 x 53 mm1/6140250
42,537 cm2335 x 205 x 87 mm1/4140360
106,342 cm2335 x 205 x 189 mm1/2140400
4025,368 cm2335 x 205 x 698 mm1/2140440