MuviCyte Live-Cell Imaging

The MuviCyte™ live-cell imaging system is designed to operate inside your cell-culture incubator, enabling you to maintain your cells under optimal conditions and perform a wide range of assays in a variety of culture vessels.
Life science research labs study cellular behaviors and pathways to gain a deeper understanding of functions, disease mechanisms and responses to treatments. Live-cell imaging is a vital tool for getting maximum information from precious cell samples.


Life Science – Lab Instrument – Imager

Perkin Elmer

  • Operates inside Incubator or Benchtop
  • Open design
  • Three color fluorescence plus brightfield imaging
  • 4x, 10x, and 20x (LWD) objectives, digital zoom
  • image based autofocus
  • customer autofocus
  • unlimited and flexible imaging position (FOVs) within wells
  • Image Stiching for whole wells imaging
  • Z-stacking for 3D objects
  • Automated operation
  • Image quantification analysis for spheroid, scratch wound assay, cell counting, etc
  • Movie maker software analysis
Detection methodFluorescence and Brightfield
Dimension31 x 33 x 43 cm (DHW)
Weight18 kg
ModalityLive-Cell Imaging
Objective lens4x, 10x, and 20x
Typical Applications:Cell health and viability
Transfection efficiency
Scratch wound
Spheroid analysis
Cellular localization
Neurite outgrowth
Fluorescent cell counting
Stem cell monitoring
Cell morphology
Reporter gene
Catalog NoDeskripsi
HH40000000MuviCyte Live-Cell Imaging Kit