MPW – 54, MPW – 55, MPW – 56

MPW-54, MPW-55 and MPW-56 centri­fuges are a series of small, ventilated, table laboratory centrifuges, intended for basic applications and sample prepara­tion. With minimal dimensions they pro­vide the ease of use, allowing for quick and accurate separation of mixtures, sus­pensions, body fluids, biological samples or other components with different densi­ties under the influence of the centrifugal force. They were designed specifically for the needs of small medical laboratories of family doctors, veterinary clinics and aes­thetic medicine cabinets for the acquisi­tion of PRP and PRF, orthopaedics, parasi­tological, scientific and other laboratories, in which you can often centrifuge from one to several tubes at the same time.


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