MPW-380 dan MPW-380R

MPW-380 and MPW-380R centrifuges belong to the family of one of the largest, universal laboratory centrifuges. Thanks to the possi­bility of using a large number of compatible high-speed rotors (RCF above 10,000 x g for tubes up to 250 ml), low-speed horizontal ro­tors (RCF below 4,700 x g) and their equipment items, they are appreciated by Users of large laboratories, among others, medical, pharma­ceutical, biochemical, industrial and guarantee comfort of work under time pressure. Diversity in quantity (up to 100 pieces at a time in the horizontal rotor), as well as capacity (from 0.2 ml to 500 ml in the horizontal rotor) of centri­fuged tubes and centrifugation vessels during one centrifugation cycle make centrifuges be­ing used and irreplaceable wherever the highest efficiency, professionalism, high parameters, centrifugation precision and repeatability of centrifugation effects count. One-off centrifu­gation of large sample volumes (up to 750 ml) definitely facilitates and speeds up the work in parasitological laboratories, in environmental protection when dewatering sewage sludge, and specialized equipment allows to perform works on testing industrial oils (ASTM system) and food oils


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