MPW-260, MPW-260R dan MPW 260RH

MPW-260, MPW-260R and PW-260RH cen­trifuge is a family of universal, table, medi­um-sized centrifuges. The accuracy of setting high centrifugation parameters with the pos­sibility of their registration, and the availabil­ity of high-speed angular rotors (RCF above 14,000 x g) and low-speed horizontal rotors (RCF below 6,300 x g), as well as the variety of accessories allow the centrifugation of sam­ples from 0.2 ml to 100 ml (including hemat­ocrit capillaries). Thus, centrifuges are used, among others, in blood preparatory procedures and urinalysis in medical and veterinary labora­tories, in molecular biology for isolation, purifi­cation and evaluation of the quality of DNA and RNA nucleic acids in scientific and biochemical laboratories, for sludge dewatering in labora­tories of environmental protection and sewage treatment plants, and many others.


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