MicroSnap™ E. Coli

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Applications: environmental and product testing
Built-in pipette for easy sample transfer
Snap-Valve™ technology – snap & squeeze
Write-on swab label
MicroSnap E. coli detects Escherichia coli bacteria

1. Pass / Fail results at required detection levels are easy to understand
2. No specific sample preparation required
3. Numerical Results (CFU to RLU conversion)
4. Can be used for environmental and product testing
5. Fewer replicates required
6. Independently validated

MS1-CEC (Coliform & E. coli Enrichment Device)
MS1-CEC-BROTH-2ML (Coliform & E. coli Enrichment Broth (2ml)
MS2-ECOLI (MicroSnap E. coli Detection Device)
MS2-COLIFORM (MicroSnap Coliform Detection Device)