Maurice - A complete imaged Capillary Electrophoresis Systems

Maurice innovates the conventional capillary electrophoresis technology to automate your protein profiling either by size or charge. Need cIEF and CE-SDS data for your mAbs, ADCs, vaccines or virus-like particles? Maurice does it all. Just pop in one of the preassembled cartridges, drop in your sample vials or a 96-well plate, and hit start. You will complete method development in a day; and get high-resolution, reproducible data in minutes.


Life Instrument – Capillary Electrophoresis

Protein Simple

  • Easy to do charge characterization for different molecules. For fusion proteins with complicated charge variants or hydrophobic ADCs, ion exchange chromatography often suffers with poor resolution. Maurice/iCE can provide you significantly improved resolution and reproducible peak pattern, in only 10 minutes.
  • Analyze mixed proteins easily using Maurice’s cIEF Native Fluorescence. Therapeutic co-mixtures present a challenge for analysis when the two proteins are present at significantly different abundance. Maurice can easily differentiate the two proteins using its native fluorescence feature.
  • No mess no fuss. Maurice employs a smart, ready-to-use cartridge design which automates column conditioning and clean up. This design affords easy switch of separation modes between cIEF and CE-SDS, without concerns about cross-contamination. Waste is collected inside the cartridge which eliminates the hassle of handling toxic waste such as ADCs. The on-board sample mixing feature further enhances the ease-of-use, and reduces operator-dependent variability commonly encountered with other systems.
  • Maurice is fast. Maurice produces pI and charge heterogeneity data in less than 10 minutes, and size-based CE-SDS data in 35 minutes. The fast separation time affords a streamlined, robust and automated solution for method development in a day. The icing? You can develop platform methods and use them for multiple molecules too.
Specifications (for cIEF):
Sample Delivery:Vacuum
Typical Separation Time:6–10 min (molecule-dependent)
Detection Capability:UV Absorbance at 280 nm
:Fluorescence: Ex 280 nm, Em 320–450 nm
Typical Voltage:Pre-focusing: 1500 V, focusing: 3000 V
Sample Injections per Cartridge:100 guaranteed, 200 maximum
Maximum Sample Injections per Batch:100
pI/Size Range:2.85–10.45
pI/Sizing CV:1%
CV for Peaks >10% Composition:≤5% (Intra-batch), ≤6% (Inter-batch)
Relative Migration Time CV:N/A
pI/Sizing Resolution:0.05 pI units (for wide range 3–10 ampholytes)
Dynamic Range:2 logs
Sensitivity (LOD):0.7 µg/mL (Native fluorescence)
:3.0 µg/mL (Absorbance)
:(Values based on a monoclonal antibody)
Specifications (for CE-SDS):
Sample Delivery:Electrokinetic
Typical Separation Time:Reduced IgG: 25 min,
:Non-reduced IgG: 35 min
Detection Capability:UV Absorbance at 220 nm
Typical Voltage:Separation: 5750 V
Sample Injections per Cartridge:100 guaranteed, 200 maximum
Maximum Sample Injections per Batch:48
pI/Size Range:10–270 kDa
pI/Sizing CV:≤2%
CV for Peaks >10% Composition:N/A
Relative Migration Time CV:<1% for reduced IgG
pI/Sizing Resolution:≥1.5 for NGHC/HC IgG Standard
Dynamic Range:2 logs
Sensitivity (LOD):0.3 µg/mL
:(Value based on Internal Standard)
General Specification:
Minimum Sample Volume:50 uL
Sample Tray Options:96-well plates or 48 vials
Dimensions:44cm H x 42cm W x 61cm D
Weight:46 kg (100 lb)
Include:Computer with Windows operating system
1 year warranty
No. KatalogDeskripsi
090-001Maurice S. (CE-SDS)
090-002Maurice C. (cIEF)