M – Series

Centrifuge MPW M-UNIVERSAL – with its wide range of rotors and accessories this centrifuge enables proper prepara­tion of the sample for both routine med­ical and veterinary tests, launch of var­ious therapies including in regenerative medicine or using different systems to acquire PRP, as well as to perform oth­er research including scientific, clinical research, research in cosmetology and many others.

Centrifuge MPW M-DIAGNOSTIC – with its wide range of accessories (angle and horizontal rotors) this centrifuge is suitable for performing routine tests: complete morphology, biochemistry, coagulation tests, urine, hematocrit, parasitology, hematology, cancer di­agnostics (CYTO), semen analysis and more.

Centrifuge MPW M-SCIENCE – high-speed angle rotors are suitable for test tubes of 0.2 ml to 10 ml capacity and achieve high accelerations (up to 24 270 x g) which helps proper sepa­ration of inhomogeneous mixture and effective centrifugation of the sample, for instance at isolation, purification and quality assessment of nucleic ac­ids (DNA, RNA), molecular and other analysis.


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