LI-COR Pearl® Trilogy

Pearl Trilogy Imaging System is a small animal near-infrared fluorescent and bioluminescent optical imaging system. At the heart of the Pearl Trilogy is revolutionary FieldBrite™ Xi2 technology.


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LI-COR Bioscience USA

  • See a Clearer Picture with Near-Infrared Fluorescence
  • Minimize Variability in Data Capture
  • Have Complete Confidence in Your Results
  • Make Every Shot Your Best Shot
Field of View11.2 x 8.4 cm at surface imaging bed
Dynamic Range:22 bit (>6 logs)
Excitation source685 nm, 785 nm, White light (for white channel)
Emission Channel720 nm, 820 nm, Bioluminescence 450 nm – 640 nm
Gas AnesthesiaInlet and outlet ports flow anesthesia gas through a nose cone in the imaging drawer. A rotameter is included for flow rate control.
Compatible DyeIRDye® 680, IRDye 700DX, IRDye 800RS, IRDye 800CW, Alexa Fluor 680, Alexa Fluor 750, Cy5.5, Cy7
Typical Applications:Receptor targeting
Structural Imaging
Compatible to mice only
9430-00Pearl® Trilogy
Small Animal Imaging System

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