LI-COR Odyssey® XF

Odyssey XF offers to streamline your ECL protocol or perform two-color multiplex detection using near-infrared fluorescence with high-performance laser powered excitation reinforced by the FieldBrite™ XT2 core.


Life Science – Lab Instrument – Imager

LI-COR Bioscience USA

  • 4-channel, multi-modal, 2 IR, chemiluminescent, and DNA stain imaging
  • Uniform detection across the entire imaging area
  • Detect multiple targets on the same blot
  • Capture a single image without changing camera settings
  • Minimize variability with direct near-infrared fluorescence
  • Acquisition and analysis software for the Odyssey XF with Empiria Studio
Image Area:12×10 cm
Dynamic Range:22 bit (>6 logs)
Laser Lifetime:20,000 working hours
Excitation source:Solid-state laser at 685 and 785 nm, Difuse light at 520 nm
Detection type:Patented FieldBrite™ XT2 Technology with CV <3% across field
Typical Applications:Quantitative Near Infrared Fluorescent Western Blot
Chemiluminescent Western blot
Protein Gel Documentation
Nucleic acid Gel Documentation
Catalog No2802-00DeskripsiOdyssey® XF Imaging system
SARC White Paper
InCell Western
InGel Western
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