LI-COR Odyssey® DLx

The Odyssey DLx combines precision laser illumination, large scan area, and high image resolution to deliver accurate, replicable data capture. Odyssey Clx Imaging System minimize variation and maximize precision with high-sensitivity NIR fluorescent detection optics engineered to enable definitive analysis of protein expression changes


Life Science – Lab Instrument – Imager

LI-COR Bioscience USA

  • Do more with digital fluorescence and cover many other applications
  • See the full story in a single image with wide dynamic range
  • Get better sensitivity with low image background with NIR wavelength
  • See your bands reliably with stable fluorescent signals
  • See multiple targets on the same blot so we can normalize and other target
  • See your strong bands accurately
  • Acquisition and analysis software for the Odyssey CLx with LI-COR Acquisition Software and Empiria Studio Software
Image Area:25×25 cm
Dynamic Range:4 logs (manual); >6 logs (auto)
Laser Lifetime:40,000 working hours
Excitation source:Solid-state laser at 685 and 785 nm
Typical Applications:Quantitative Near Infrared Fluorescent Western Blot
In Cell Western/On Cell Western
Coomassie Protein Gel on 700 nm Channel
Tissue Section Imaging
Catalog No9142-00
DeskripsiOdyssey® DLx Imaging system
SARC White Paper
InCell Western
InGel Western
Good Western Blot Gone Bad