IOS-465 Intelligent Optogenetics System

RWD new intelligent optogenetics system IOS-465, on the basis of the last generation of integrated machines (laser and waveform generator integrated into one), has made another leap in the promotion. The new system is equipped with remote control function, one-click test conversion and three signal triggering modes to meet diversified experimental requirements. Using this instrument, it can reduce the interference of human factors to animal behavior experiment, and the unique test program and experiment record output view function are more conducive to experiment management.


Life Science – Animal Research – Neurology


High Stability, Ensure that the regulation effect is consistent during the experiment
Remote Control, Avoid more human factors in animal behavioral experiments
Fast Response, Reduce the time lag between animal behavior and optogenetic regulation
Multiple Trigger Modes, Meet diversified experimental requirements,such as electrophysiology,, fiber photometry etc.

Trigger modeEdge/Real-Time/Gate
Edge mode1If the trigger voltage is higher than or equal to the set value of trigger voltage, the program will run; the trigger is only featured by the “on” function and the program’s duration depends on its set duration
Real-time mode2If the trigger voltage is higher than or equal to the set value of trigger voltage, the program will run; if it is lower than that value, the program will stop; the trigger is featured by the “on/off” functions. The program’s duration depends on the trigger’s duration
Gate mode3The running power relies on the first subprogram selected and other parameters are defined by the external device, and only square wave at the frequency ≤500Hz are responded to.
Wavelength450, 465, 532, 589 and 630 nm (optional)

neural circuit basic research, learning and memory research, addiction research, dyskinesia, sleep disorder, Parkinson’s disease model, depression and anxiety animal models and other applications.

Catalog No.Description
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