IDEXX Swine Salmonella Ab Test

The IDEXX Swine Salmonella Ab Test allows rapid screening for the presence of antibodies to a broad range of Salmonella serogroups, indicating exposure of the swine herd to the bacteria. Since serological screening is easy to run in large scale, it is useful for estimating the herd prevalence.


Diagnostic kits – Swine – Salmonellosis/Swine Salmonella


  • Rapid
  • Simple to perform
  • Easily automated
  • Improve animal health and welfare
  • Optimize production and reproductive efficiency
  • The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is one of the most sensitive and reproducible technologies available
  • Detects antibodies against the most common serotypes (B, C1, D) isolated in Europe, Asia and America
  • Serum, plasma or meat juice samples
  • Rapid testing method—short (<two hours) and overnight protocols
  • Results available as S/P and OD% values using IDEXX xChek software
  • 5 plates/strips and 30 plates/solid

Catalog no.                Description

99-44100                   IDEXX Swine Salmonella Ab Test

99-44130                   IDEXX Swine Salmonella Ab Test

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