Human Microarrays - GenetiSure Pre-Screen Complete Kit

The GenetiSure Pre-Screen Complete Kit from Agilent is a cost-effective solution for rapid identification of DNA copy number variations and chromosomal aneuploidies in human cell samples collected from embryo biopsies and single cell samples. The kit includes QIAGEN REPLI-g MDA whole genome amplification, providing highly uniform amplification across the entire genome, with minimal locus bias during amplification. The system takes advantage of Agilent’s dual-color CGH technology and uses a specific protocol that allows sample vs sample hybridization and analysis against both male and female reference samples for optimal results. The GenetiSure Pre-Screen microarrays have uniform, genome-wide probe coverage, with increased density on chromosomes 13, 18, 20, 21, 22 and X. The complete kit solution includes the new amp and labeling bundle and all components needed to amplify and label up to 48 single-cell samples to maximize workflow efficiency with any throughput. A single cell aneuploidy detection workflow is also included in CytoGenomics software.


Life Science – Molecular Biology – Geneti SurePre-Screen Complete Kit


  • The only fastest and flexible PGS solution in the market
  • High resolution screening to call aberrations down to 2Mb
  • Rapid identification of aneuploidies and copy number from samples with few cells like Blastomere (Day 3) or Trophectoderm (Day 5)
  • Efficient protocol enables processing up to 48 samples in less than 8h
  • New amplification & labeling bundle with reagents included to process catalog or custom array formats
  • Cost-effective screening from 6 samples/ experiment run (4X180)
  • Cost-effective screening from 14 samples/experiment run (8X60K)
Area of ResearchPreimplantation screening, single cell
Array Dimension4x180K8X60
Array TypeCGHCGH
Composition GenomeNCBI Build 38 (UCSC GRCh38, December 2013)
Arrays per Slide48
Samples per Kit48
Catalog no.Description
G9501AGenetiSure Pre-Screen Complete Kit (4X180)
G9500AGenetiSure Pre-Screen Complete kit (8×60)
G5962AGenetiSure Pre-Screen Microarray Kit, 4 x 180K
G5963AGenetiSure Pre-Screen Microarray Kit , 8 x 60K
G5966AGenetiSure Pre-Screen Unrestricted 8x60K
G5967AGenetiSure Pre-Screen Unrestricted 4×180
G5972AGenetiSure Pre-Screen Microarray Kit, 8 x 60K – X/Y
G5973AGenetiSure Pre-Screen Microarray Kit, 4 x 180K – X/Y