Human Microarrays - GenetiSure Cancer Research CGH+SNP Microarray (2x400K)

Learn about our extensive range of CGH + SNP microarrays dedicated to cytogenetic workflows. We provide whole genome CMA at variable resolutions, down to exon level, CGH+SNP arrays to analyze CN and LOH in a single experiment and application specific designs, including pre- post-natal, PGS, CNV and Cancer specific microarrays. Agilent’s CGH platform provides unmatched flexibility on content and throughput, thanks to eight different microarray formats with variable density and arrays per slide. Agilent provides a database of more than 28 million validated probes, and easy tools to customize array content based on needs. Custom or catalog, all Agilent’s CGH & CGH+SNP arrays benefit from proprietary SurePrint technology with long, high quality oligos.

The GenetiSure Cancer Research CGH+SNP microarray is designed to target cancer regions of the genome sourced from the COSMIC and CGC databases. Loss of heterozygosity (LOH) detection, with a resolution validated to 2.5 MB, ensures that important aberrations are not missed.

The Agilent CGH+SNP technology features exon-targeted probe content that allows for faster, more efficient association of aberrations with disease phenotypes. 89% of the exon is covered in the process. The CGC cancer array is optimized for CGH (comparative genomic hybridization) and CGH+SNP (Loss of heterozygosity) microarray workflows.


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Association of aberrations with disease phenotypes is performed quickly, accurately and efficiently.
Single exon copy number detection for a clearer workflow.
Covers disease-associated regions recommended by COSMIC and Cancer Genetics Consortium (CGC) databases.
By design, 89% of the exon is covered with three or more probes.
The 2×400 format can also be customized for other sizes. Genes may be added or removed to further customize the microarray.
Powerful loss of heterozygosity (LOH) detection identifies all important aberrations and has a resolution validated down to 2.5 Mb.
The median CGH probe spacing is approximately 9.8 Kb overall.
The system contains ~300,000 CGH probes and ~103,000 SNP probes.
Probes are annotated against NCBI Build 38 (UCSC GRCh38, Dec. 2013).

Area of Research Research, Clinical, Cancer, Cytogenetics
Array Dimension 2x400K
Array Type CGH & SNP
Arrays per Slide 2
Composition Genome NCBI Build 38 (UCSC GRCh38, December 2013)
Exon Coverage yes for 89% of genes targeted
LOH Resolution 2.5-10 Mb
Manufacturing Process Agilent 60-mer SurePrint technology
Minimum Probes per Exon 3
Number of Probes 400K
Overall Median Probe Spacing 9.5 Kb
Replicates of Biological Probes 5000
Samples per Kit 10
Slides per Kit 5
Species Human
Catalog no. Description
G5975A GenetiSure Cancer Research CGH+SNP Microarray, 2 X 400K