Fume Hood DCL 12.00 S S/ DCL 12.00 L PPS/ DCL 15.00 L PPS/ DCL 18.00 L PPS

Fume hoods ensure safe and comfortable work in the laboratory. Metal construction and a wide range of finishing elements (worktops, internal chamber materials, sinks and fittings, etc.) allow the fume hood to be adapted to the needs of any laboratory. Designed according to PN-EN 14175.


Life Science – Lab Equipments – Clean Bench/Laminar Air Flow
Industry – Lab Equipments – Clean Bench/Laminar Air Flow
Animal Healh – Lab Equipment- Clean Bench/Laminar Air Flow
Hospital – Lab Equipments – Clean Bench/Laminar Air Flow


  • structure entirely made of galvanized steel without the use of wood-based materials
  • worktop at a height of 900mm made of monolithic ceramics with a raised rim with a suspended ceramic sink 280x80mm
  • toughened glass window, lifted manually with counterweight, opened upwards with a lock at the height of 500 mm (max 810mm), and additionally sliding glass (right / left). The window has a system preventing the uncontrolled drop of the window
    – 2 electric sockets 230V 50Hz
  • 2 water spouts with valves on the BROEN front panel
  • energy-saving linear LED lighting separated from the fume hood with a glass pane
  • double system the back wall with exhaust slots in the upper and lower part ensuring proper extraction of vapors lighter or heavier than air without turbulence and dead zones
  • safety flap in the ceiling ensuring decompression in the event of uncontrolled pressure increase in the working chamber
  • full monitoring set Schneider brand) air flow velocity in the fume cupboard window compliant with the PE-EN 14175 standard
  • CE Declaration of Conformity: PN-EN 14175; PN-EN 14056; PN-EN 13150

The Fume Hood POL EKO in Industrial and commercial applications range from quality control in cosmetic production to photochemicals, solvent extraction, purification and other processes where fumes or vapours are generated. From the clinical laboratory to the pathology department, ductless fume hoods offer protection against small quantities of formalin vapours and other chemicals used in histopathology and other processes.

Catalog no.Description
DCL 12.00 S SFume Hood 1.2 meter (4 feet)
DCL 12.00 L PPSFume Hood 1.2 meter (4 feet)
DCL 15.00 L PPSFume Hood 1.5 meter (5 feet)
DCL 18.00 L PPSFume Hood 1.8 meter (6 feet)