Finnpipette F3 Single Variable and Fixed Volume Pipette

Finnpipette F3 combines form and function to meet your everyday laboratory needs.


Pipette Tips

Thermo Scientific

  • Easy to clean, and disassemble for maintenance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Advance Volume Gearing, preventing volume drift while using the pipette
  • Double-action pipetting hat, rotating upper part of the hat ensuring smooth pipetting action
  • Comfortable and ergonomics design
Catalog No.DescriptionRange Volume / Quantity
F3 Adjustable Volume Single Channel Pipette
FI 4640000Finnpipette F3 1-10ul, micro-tip1-10 µl
FI 4640010Finnpipette F3 1-10ul1-10 µl
FI 4640020Finnpipette F3 2-20ul, uTip2-20 µl
FI 4640030Finnpipette F3 2-20 µl,  univ.2-20 µl
FI 4640040Finnpipette F3 10-100 µl10-100 µl
FI 4640050Finnpipette F3 20-200 µl20-200 µl
FI 4640060Finnpipette F3 100-1000 µl100-1000 µl
FI 4640070Finnpipette F3 1-10 ml1-10 ml
FI 4640090Finnpipette F3 5-50 µl, universal5-50 µl
FI 4640100Finnpipette F3 0,5 – 5 ml0.5-5 ml
F3 Fixed Volume Single Channel Pipette
FI 4650010Finnpipette F3 Fixed Vol. 55 µl
FI 4650020Finnpipette F3 Fixed Vol. 10 µl10 µl
FI 4650030Finnpipette F3 Fixed Vol. 25 µl25 µl
FI 4650040Finnpipette F3 Fixed Vol. 50 µl50 µl
FI 4650050Finnpipette F3 Fixed Vol. 100 µl100 µl
FI 4650060Finnpipette F3 Fixed Vol. 250250 µl
FI 4650070Finnpipette F3 Fixed Vol. 500 µl500 µl
FI 4650080Finnpipette F3 Fixed Vol. 1000 µl1000 µl
FI 4650090Finnpipette F3 Fixed Vol. 20 µl20 µl
Finnpipette F3 Adjustable Volume
4640060 100-500-1000 µlFinnpipette F3 Adjustable 4640060 1000-500-100 µl
4640070 1000-5000-100000 µlFinnpipette F3 Adjustable 4640070 10000-5000-1000 µl
Finnpipette F3 Fixed Channel
4650020 10 µlFinnpipette F3 Fixed 4650020 10 µl
4650030 25 µlFinnpipette F3 Fixed 4650030 25 µl
4650040 50 µlFinnpipette F3 Fixed 4650040 50 µl
4650080 1000 µlFinnpipette F3 Fixed 4650080 1000 µl