Finnpipette F2 Variable Single and Multichannel Pipette

In many laboratory environments, chemical resistance and physical durability are required for a pipette. It must be able to endure powerful, frequent decontamination methods and withstand a range of harsh chemicals. With sleek, rugged design is ideal for highly-demanding applications.


General Lab

Thermo Scientific

  • Robust and durable
  • Easy to clean, and disassemble for maintenance
  • Light pipetting action, lighter touch for your thumb
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Super blow out, 150% increase air boost to ensure efficient delivery of micro-volumes
  • Fully autoclavable without any disassemble needed
  • Soft touch tip ejector, minimized force needed for to eject tip
  • Advance Volume Gearing, preventing volume drift while using the pipette
  • Double-action pipetting hat, rotating upper part of the hat ensuring smooth pipetting action
Catalog No.DescriptionRange Volume / Quantity
F2 Adjustable Volume Single Channel Pipette
FI 4642010Finnpipette F2 0,2-2 µl micro0.2-2  µl
FI 4642020Finnpipette F2 0,5-5 µl micro0.5-5 µl
FI 4642030Finnpipette F2 1-10 µl micro1-10 µl, micro
FI 4642040Fnnpipette F2 1-10 µl1-10 µl
FI 4642050Finnpipette F2 2-20 µl micro2-20 µl, micro
FI 4642060Finnpipette F2 2-20 µl univ.2-20 µl
FI 4642070Finnpipette F2 10-100 µl10-100 µl
FI 4642080Finnipette F2 20-200 µl20-200 µl
FI 4642090Finnpipette F2 100-1000 µl100-1000 µl
FI 4642100Finnpipette F2 0,5-5 ml0.5-5 ml
FI 4642110Finnpipette F2 1-10 ml1-10 ml
FI 4642120Finnpipette F2 5-50 µl, micro2-20 µl, micro
FI 4642130Finnpipette F2 5-50 µl2-20 µl
F2 Fixed Volume Single Channel Pipette
FI 4652000Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol. 1 UL1 µl
FI 4652010Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol. 5 µl5 µl
FI 4652020Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol. 10 µl10 µl
FI 4652030Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol. 25 µl25 µl
FI 4652040Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol. 50 µl50 µl
FI 4652050Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol. 100 µl100 µl
FI 4652060Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol. 250 µl250 µl
FI 4652070Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol. 500 µl300 µl
FI 4652080Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol.1000 µl1000 µl
FI 4652090Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol. 2000 µl2000 µl
FI 4652100Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol. 3000 µl3000 µl
FI 4652110Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol. 5000 μl5 ml
FI 4652120Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol. 10000 µl10 ml
FI 4652130Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol. 20µl20 µl
FI 4652140Finnpipette F2 Fixed Vol.  200 ul200 µl
F2 Adjustable Volume Multi Channel Pipette
FI 4662000Finnpipette F2 8-Channel 1-10 µl1-10 µl
FI 4662010Finnpipette F2 8-Channel 5-50 µl5-50 µl
FI 4662020Finnpipette F2 8-channel 10-100 μl10-100 µl
FI 4662030Finnpipette F2 8-Channel 30-300 µl30-300 µl
FI 4662040Finnpipette F2 12-Channel 1-10 µl1-10 µl
FI 4662050Finnpipette F2 12-Channel 5-50 µl5-50 µl
FI 4662060Finnpipette F2 12-Channel 10-100 µl30-300 µl
Finnpipette F2 Adjustable Volume
4642010 0.2-1-2 µlFinnpipette F2 Adjustable 4642010 2-1-0.2 µl
4642040 1-5-10 µlFinnpipette F2 Adjustable 4642040 10-5-1 µl
4642080 20-100-200 µlFinnpipette F2 Adjustable 4642080 200-100-20 µl
4642090 100-500-1000 µlFinnpipette F2 Adjustable 4642090 1000-500-100 µl
4642100 500-2500-5000 µlFinnpipette F2 Adjustable 4642100 5000-2500-500 µl
4642110 1000-5000-10000 µlFinnpipette F2 Adjustable 4642110 10000-5000-1000 µl
MC 8-Ch 4662020 10-50-100 µlFinnpipette F2 Adjustable 4662020 100-50-10 µl
MC 8-Ch 4662030 30-150-300 µlFinnpipette F2 Adjustable 4662030 300-150-30 µl
MC 12-Ch 4662060 10-50-100 µlFinnpipette F2 Adjustable 4662060 100-50-10 µl
MC 12-Ch 4662070 30-150-300 µlFinnpipette F2 Adjustable 4662070 300-150-30 µl
Finnpipette F2 Fixed Volume
4652020 10 µlFinnpipette F2 Fixed 4652020 10 µl
4652130 20 µlFinnpipette F2 Fixed 4652130 20 µl
4652060 250 µlFinnpipette F2 Fixed 4652060 250 µl
4652080 1000 µlFinnpipette F2 Fixed 4652080 1000 µl
4652110 5000 µlFinnpipette F2 Fixed 4652110 5000 µl