Finnpipette F1 Variable Single and Multichannel Pipette

The enhanced volume adjustment on Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F1 Variable Volume Pipettes is now silent and effortless with textured adjustment knob for a firmer feel when setting volumes. The adjustable finger rest, and lightweight design maximizes comfort without sacrificing performance.


General Lab

Thermo Scientific

  • Silent and effortless volume adjustment
  • Adjustable finger rest for maximum comfort while pipetting
  • Large display
  • Easy to clean, and disassemble for maintenance
  • Secure volume lock, prevents volume drift during operation
  • Super blow out, 150% increase air boost to ensure efficient delivery of micro-volumes
  • Lighweight and ergonomic design
  • Silent volume adjustment button, effortless and and easy to manuever with one hand
  • Lower pipetting forces, reducing the risk of RSI
Catalog No.DescriptionRange Volume / Quantity
F1 Adjustable Volume Single Channel Pipette
FI 4641010NFinnpipette F1 0.2-2 µl micro0.2-2  µl
FI 4641020NFinnpipette F1 0.5-5 µl micro0.5-5 µl
FI 4641030NFinnpipette F1 1-10 µl micro1-10 µl
FI 4641040NFinnpipette F1 1-10µl1-10 µl
FI 4641060NFinnpipette F1 2-20 µl univ.2-20 µl
FI 4641070NFinnpipette F1 10-100 µl10-100 µl
FI 4641080NFinnpipette F1 20-200 µl20-200 µl
FI 4641100NFinnpipette F1 100-1000 µl100-1000 µl
FI 4641110NFinnpipette F1 0.5-5 ml0.5-5 ml
FI 4641120NFinnpipette F1 1-10 ml1-10 ml
F1 Fixed Volume Single Channel Pipette
FI 4651050NFinnpipette F1 Fixed Vol. 100 µl100 µl
FI 4651080NFinnpipette F1 Fixed Vol. 1000 µl1000 µl
FI 4651110NFinnpipette F1 Fixed Vol. 5 ml5 ml
FI 4651120Finnpipette F1 Fixed Vol. 10ml10 ml
F1 Adjustable Volume Multi Channel Pipette
FI 4661010NFinnpipette F1 8-channel 5-50 µl5-50 µl
FI 4661020NFinnpipette F1 8-channel 10-100 µl10-100 µl
FI 4661030NFinnpipette F1 8-channel 30-300 µl30-300 µl
FI 4661040NFinnpipette F1 12-channel 1-10 uL1-10 µl
FI 4661050NFinpipette F1 12 channel 5-50 µl5-50 µl
FI 4661060NFinnpipette F1 12-channel 10-100 µl10-100 µl
FI 4661070NFinnpipette F1 12-channel 30-300 uL30-300 µl