ELLA - Your next generation ELISA

Ella’s combination of performance and workflow brings your immunoassays to the next level. In just 90 minutes you get highly reproducible validated assay data with no manual steps.

The assay performance behind that data includes sub-picogram level sensitivity, 4+ logs of dynamic range and reproducibility that rivals the best laboratory automation. All in a compact package that doesn’t break your budget or your lab bench.


Lab Instrument – Simple Plex

Protein Simple

  • 70 minutes ELISA, customer only prepares and pipette samples and buffer, ELLA do the rest including washing and antibody addition.
  • No need to pipette standard curve. Standard curve already embedded as barcode in the catridge.
  • Small sample is needed to run the assay. Only 25 uL maximum in 25 uL in sample buffer.
  • No cross contamination in the assay. Each parameter has their own channel separate from others.
Sample Volume Required:2.5 to 25 µL
Analytes per Sample:Up to 4 independent Simple Plex assays per sample
Throughput:72 samples with 1 analyte, or 16 samples with up to 4 analytes
Hands-on Time:5 minutes
Time to Result:60 minutes
Reproducibility:Single-digit CVs, results in triplicate
Dynamic Range:4-5 logs
Cross-reactivity:N/A, Simple Plex assays are run in parallel in individual channels
Include:Computer with Windows operating system
1 Verification Catridge
1 year warranty
No. KatalogDeskripsi
600-100ELLA Systems