Digital Operating Microscope

DOM-1001 is a high-end integrated digital microscope that is professionally used for animal surgery experiment operation. The experiment screen is put in real time, the magnification is high, the imaging is clear, it is convenient for multiple people to watch teaching, and it supports the whole process of taking pictures and videos.


Life Science – Lab Instrument – Cell Counter


Novel and unique integrated Design
Excellent ergonomic Design
Real-time ultra high-definition projection screen
Convenient and practical remote control
Homogenous and coaxial optical design
Greater operating space

Sensor gradePanasonic 1600W 1/2.33″CMOS
Pixel size1.335μmX1.335μm
Sensor size6.18mmx4.65mm
magnification18-100x (27-inch monitor)
Zoom Ratio7:1
Working distance180mm
The depth of field6.7 mm(Highest magnification), 0.41 mm(Lowest magnification)

Experimental teaching demonstration
MCAO model experiment
Insect observation
Fiber Optic Cannula Implantation

Catalog No.Description
DOM-1001Digital Operating Microscope