CyStain BacCount reagents


Flow cytometry, bacteria testing, water testing, industrial, microbiology

Sysmex – Germany

The CyStain BacCount kit, unlike PCR kits, differentiates between live and dead bacteria, which is important for monitoring successful inactivation of harmful bacteria in drinking water or water samples. This is crucial for water treatment process control and for the analysis of microbial ecology. The CyStain BacCount Total kit enables rapid detection of the total amount of bacteria in water samples. Bacteria quantification in minutes instead of days.

The Total Cell Count kit (TCC) marks all bacterial cells with a green fluorescent marker. The Viable Cell Count (VCC) kit also contains a red fluorescent stains dye for the detection of dead cells. This allows for easier differentiation between live and dead bacteria.

Total Cell Count (TCC) and Viable Cell Count (VCC) kits enable fast and reliable quality control of water samples.

ZPS40632, ZPS40633