Cryogenic Storage – Cryoboxes

Choose from durable plastic cryoboxes with keyed lid orientation and printed via location grid. Plastic boxes are optimized to fit brand (Nalgene™ or Nunc™) best or choose economical cardboard cryoboxes for short-term storage. Cardboard boxes with dividers and vents in base for good drainage and air circulation.


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NUNC Thermo Fischer Scientific

  • Protect and manage your cryogenic tubes in freezer
  • Designed in standard box size and will work with most freezer racks
  • Nunc cardboard boxes provide economical choices for shorter term storage.
  • The boxes can be written on with standard pens or Cryoware Permanent Marker
No CatalogMaterialTube sizeTube ArrayDescription
369639Cardboard1.8 mL9 x 9Cryobox Cardboard 81 tubes 1.8 mL
378220Cardboard1.0 – 1.8 mL9 x 9Cryogenic Storage Box 81-cell Cardboard
5027-0909Polycarbonate5 mL9 x 9CRYOBOX  5.0 ml, NALGENE PC
374187Polycarbonate1.8 mL10 x 10MEGA MAX-100 PC Cryobox
330821Polycarbonate1.5 mL8 x 8MICRO MAX PC Cryobox
341483Polycarbonate3.6 mL10 x 10MEGA MAX-100 PC Cryobox
378247Cardboard1.0 – 1.8 mL5 x 5Cryogenic Storage Box 25-cell Cardboard