Cryogenic Storage - Cryobank 2D system

The new generation of Thermo Scientific NUNC cryobanking system. Developing through 2D barcode on the Cryovial for superior tracking samples. Its barcoded have UNIQUE LASER etched 2D code which cannot be separated from vial and NO DUPLICATE. 2D codes are more error-proof and denser than normal linear codes. Its cryovial has low cell and protein binding, & Low DNA Adsorption. It comes with Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10-6.

VisionMate 2D barcode readers rapidly decode a single tube or a full rack of tubes in less than 10 seconds. Compact, user-friendly readers provide exceptional flexibility with data export formats, export formats, export tube type readability and tube layout options. VisionTracker software provides an intuitive and secure database for storing. VisionTracker can help to easily organize and track your track your track samples.  When these two combined, it can replaced notebook, logbook, or Excel. It conforms to CFR 21 part 11, allowing administrator and user access; while maintains chain of custody history.


Life Science – Cryostorage – Cryobanking 2D system
Animal Health – Cryostorage – Cryobanking 2D system
Hospital – Cryostorage – Cryobanking 2D system

NUNC Thermo Fischer Scientific

  • The vial will not get lost during storage & can always be tracked
  • Eliminate the need buying, printing, and applying labels
  • Cryobank 2D system conform IATA certificate and CFR 21 Part 11
  • Secure the sample with Free of DNase, RNase, Endotoxin, and Pyrogenic material
  • Higher sample recovery with low concentration samples
  • VisionTracker can replaced notebook and excel spreadsheet for data management
Manufacturer :Thermo Scientific
Catalog no :3115-11
Type :VisionMate™ SR
Dimensions (W x D x H) :280 x 160 x 55mm
Weight (kg) :0.8 Kg
OverviewVersatile control: on-screen software or remotely through TCP/IP connection.
Speed: scans a full tube rack in less than 10 seconds
Simple operation: simply follow the instructions during software installation and connect the reader to a computer via USB port
Flexible: integrates easily with LIMS, existing databases or tracking systems
Space-conscious: small footprint and compact profile save valuable benchtop space

Cryobank 2D Tubes

No CatalogVolume sizeProduct
3742212 mL2 mL NUNC CRYOBANK 2D, Code, Racked, Sterile
3742205 mL5 mL NUNC CRYOBANK 2D, Code, Racked, Sterile
3740881 mL1 mL NUNC CRYOBANK 2D, Code, Racked, Sterile
3740860.5 mL0.5 mL NUNC CRYOBANK 2D, Code, Sterile

Visionmate Scanner and VisionTracker Software

No CatalogDescription
3115-11VisionMate Single Rack 2D Barcode Reader
3220VisionTracker Sample Management Software


No CatalogDescription
4105NUN8-Channel Screw Cap Decapper